Maintenance or repairs on your vehicles?

    KTTC can do it for you!

    KTTC offers a full maintenance and repair package for towed equipment. Minor repairs or major maintenance — KTTC can do it for you. Backed by three modern workshops, KTTC is well equipped to do just that. One workshop is for truck maintenance and repairs, while the other two are for work on towed equipment. KTTC also has a fully equipped spray booth and a brake test bench. Diagnostic equipment is available at KTTC for reading vehicle electronics.

    Based on the information from the various tests, KTTC can advise you and carry out maintenance or repairs where necessary. Properly aligned tyres reduce tyre wear, as well as fuel consumption. KTTC can align your tyres and advise you on the type of tyre that best suits your type of vehicle.

    KTTC’s activities release all kinds of fluids, such as oil and coolant, which should be disposed of in a responsible manner. KTTC has the perfect solution. Fluids are drained from the bridge and collected in special drums that are stored in a separate, underground room.
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    Extensive range of services

    • Repairs, maintenance and damage restoration for all trucks and trailers
    • Specialisation in moving floor trailers and hopper trailers
    • Parts available at competitive prices
    • MOT inspections and tachograph calibration
    • Damage restoration on trucks and trailers
    • Alignment of trucks and trailers
    • Hydraulic hose service
    • 24-hour service with mobile workshop
    • NAO certified vehicle washing facilities
    • Partner of: Alltrucks en Travis Road Services
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