your vehicle will be perfectly cleaned

    KTTC’s vehicle washing facilities are fully automatic and we also clean your vehicle internally, so your vehicle will be squeaky clean again in no time. Cleaning hopper trailers (internally) used to be a major task that involved hazards due to the sloping walls and sharp parts. In our vehicle washing facilities, vehicles are cleaned internally and externally in a safe and responsible manner.

    Also suitable for LHVs
    With a length of 45 metres, the vehicle washing facilities are also suitable for LHVs. This means that two standard-length vehicles can enter at the same time. This minimises waiting times and gets you back on the road clean and shiny.

    Opening hours of the vehicle washing facilities
    The vehicle washing facilities are open:

    – Monday to Thursday from 08:00 – 17:00
    – Friday from 08:00 – 20:00
    – Saturday from 07:00 – 13:00

    Want to have your vehicle washed at a different time? This can usually be arranged. Call +31 (0)113 644 210 to schedule an appointment.

    Extensive range of services

    • Repairs, maintenance and damage restoration for all trucks and trailers
    • Specialisation in moving floor trailers and hopper trailers
    • Parts available at competitive prices
    • MOT inspections and tachograph calibration
    • Damage restoration on trucks and trailers
    • Alignment of trucks and trailers
    • Hydraulic hose service
    • 24-hour service with mobile workshop
    • NAO certified vehicle washing facilities
    • Partner of: Alltrucks en Travis Road Services
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